What is black rhodium?

Black rhodium refers to plating of the mineral using a chemical process that results in a dark finish. The plating process transforms the coloration of the metal plated with rhodium, which has a rose tint in its natural state.

One of the primary uses of black rhodium is in jewelry making. Precious metals, such as gold and platinum, are coated using a bath-plating solution made with a fine powdered form of the mineral.  Rhodium is a very rare mineral in nature.

This plating process makes each piece sensitive to individual body chemistry and may result is slight wear of finish depending on the person. The following care instructions help maintain this finish and reduce risk of wear over time. 

Where are the diamonds from?

All diamonds are from conflict free zones. 

Can my jewelry get wet or worn during intense activity?

Wear jewelry for appropriate tasks only. Avoid wearing jewelry when showering, swimming, sunbathing, cleaning, gardening or performing sports activities. Exposure to water will cause the black rhodium to lighten.

What should I avoid getting the jewelry in contact with?

Always protect your jewelry from sharp blows, scratching, sunlight and extreme heat or cold. Do not let your jewelry come into contact with nail polish remover, perfume, hairspray, detergents and other chemicals.

How should I store my jewelry?

Store your jewelry safely in a soft lined box or pouch. Try to keep your jewelry pieces apart when storing them.

How do I keep my Blacklisted Pieces clean?

Clean your jewelry regularly. For daily cleaning use hot water with a drop of mild detergent and a soft cloth. Your jewelry will become clean this way but not shiny. From time to time you can use a professional jewelry cleaning product. Clean your jewelry with care and remember that using a cleaning product also affects the plating of your jewelry.

Why is there variation in coloration of the diamonds?

All pieces are unique and handmade. Every piece therefore is different and there may be variation of coloration of diamonds because of the design and production process. 

Any additional question about jewelry care instructions please reach out to sabine@blacklisted.la