Sabine Boas Bondesen is a Scandinavian jewelry designer based in Los Angeles. After a career in fashion and advertising, she began designing fine jewelry that could push boundaries, be eye-catching and make any woman feel special.

In 2013 she founded Blacklisted, She wanted to design jewelry that is distinctive in style, bold and unique. 

“I always wanted to create, it has always been my passion. Creating makes me feel alive and makes me happy. I see possibilietes everywhere and I get inspired by the littlest things in life”


The collection is inspired by the people in her life who embodies timeless elegance in their every day style while still maintaining a calculated edge and boldness. 

Every piece of Blacklisted Jewelry is custom and hand made using, the finest materials, black rhodium silver, pearls and raw pink diamonds. All diamonds are from conflict-free zones.

Sabine lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two sons, dog and four chickens and moved to Los Angeles from her native Copenhagen in 2000.